Project: Elevator Pitch


Week 1 Analysis: Company Research

Founded: November 2009
Mission: We are a global team with the mission of enabling organizations
to make data-driven decisions faster. We work hard, respect each other’s
opinions and ideas, help one another and have a good time.
Digital Communication Platforms: Twitter, Linkdin, Google+ and Datameer blog.

Target Audience/ Clients Served: CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officials and even olympic athletes.

Top Competitors: iDashboards, ActiveReports Server and Symmetry Corporation
Company Headquarter/ various office locations: San Fransico, California, USA. New York City, New York, USA. Halle/Saale, Germany.
Founded: 1997
Mission: We are a leading, independent digital agency with over 15 years experience in creating digital destinations and the strategies to power them. Passion, creativity and innovation is our DNA. We have no “B” teams. Only Lightmakers.
Digital Communication Platforms: Linkdin, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Target Audience/ Clients Served: Brightcove, CrownPeak, Netsuite, rackspace, Sitecore and Umbraco are few of the clients Lightmaker serves and partners with.
Top Competitors: Purple Rock Scissors, Spry, Three21 Creative and Designzillas.
Company Headquarter/ Various office locations: United Kingdom (Tunbridge Wells), United States (Orlando, FL and Denver, CO) and Canada (Vancouver).
Synergy Interactive Solutions: 
Founded: 2008
Mission: We are the digital talent experts and we specialize in the recruitment of today’s most in-demand professionals across a few specialized areas including Creative, Interactive, Mobile, Production, Technical and Client Services.
Digital Communication Platforms: Linkdin and twitter.
Target Audience/ Clients Served: Synergy Interactive provides their clients with consulting, full-time, freelance, and contract to hire. Their clients and target audience are individuals, companies and organizations who require the services mentioned above.
Top Competitors: Timeout, the80twenty and paladinstaff.
Company Headquarters/ Various office locations: New York City and Santa Monica, CA.

Week 1 Exploration: Job Listings

Job Position 1:

Producer/Editor – Datameer – New York.

The reason I picked this job position was because of the area of New York and also its qualifications. The job doesn’t necessarily relate to my career aspirations, however, it relates to my interest in creating strong and effective stories around people from the scientific, medical and sports industry. This job is more inclined towards the corporate side of the media industry and I think that it would be a great platform to get my foot in the door. I think that a well structured corporate job with steady pay and valuable benefits would be a great way of not only doing what I love, but also earning a decent income alongside gaining experience. I think that the corporate industry is more in need of value incorporated visual media today that ever before. They understand the value of videos and intend to use it to their benefit. The qualifications for the job position are a wide array of multimedia skills alongside your typical communications skills. I think that I fit that type considering my interest in a wide variety of skills opposed to just one area of focus.

Job 2:

Production Director – Lightmaker – Orlando, FL

The main reason I chose this job is because it is an opportunity in the area of Orlando and although i’ve been looking at opportunities in the area of New York, I still am keeping my options open for opportunities here in Orlando. This particular job does not just lean on the digital agency aspect that its description reads on its website. It is more of a creative digital strategy company. Meaning, I will have a lot of opportunity to use my multiple skills to contribute to the company. After looking at their website, I was impressed because of their good design and their connections in the surrounding area as well as internationally.

Job 3:

Digital Producer – Synergy Interactive Solutions – New York

The reason I chose this particular job is because I thought I needed to develop experience in the digital production side of the industry and them move towards my main goal that is video production. This job doesn’t necessarily relate to my career aspirations but then again, i’m trying to build my way into the industry opposed to directly landing a producers job. I think that this job would be a great learning opportunity for me because it leans towards my overall expertise, which is media strategy. I think that working there would also teach the pros and cons of marketing and strategizing content over the various digital platforms. This in turn would help me in future in marketing and distributing any short indie films that I produce or any visual content for that matter of fact. I think that I would be a suitable candidate for this posting considering I’m a multi-skill set individual in terms of media strategy, visual design and team building.

Week 1 Practice: Online Presence Inventory


My account does not reveal much information about me through a public profile view. However, friends on my profile can view my posts, pictures, likes and dislikes. If my employer was to stumble upon my account, they would not be able to see a majority of my details. However, if they were a friend, they would get to see my interest in photography, my posts pertaining to my field of interest and my overall steady online presence.


I frequently work on making appropriate changes to my linkdin profile. I think that by the end of this month, I will populate my profile to meet the expectations of potential employers. However, if a potential employer was to stumble upon it right now, they would get a rough idea of who I was and what I intend to do as a professional.

Twitter: @martinpaulmcpr

I think that I have a lot of catching up to do with twitter because I never really got into it to begin with. I realize that as an aspiring industry profession, I will need to understand every nook and cranny of this platform. I will be working on populating this platform with content this entire month. If a potential employer was to stumble upon my twitter account, they would be under the impression that I was only interested in public relations.