Exploring My Professional Interest


If I could hold any job, it would be a TV channel director.

 Scheduling the timings of programs, telling each department what to do, marketing the channel and developing new content are some of the aspects, which seem most appealing to me.

 The skills and expertise that this job requires are, management skills, media tools knowledge, marketing strategizing, media analyzing, etc.

 A professional in this position would do projects like creating events for the benefit of the TV channel, advertising the TV channel, developing public relations, making sure that the TV channel is viewable within its satellite footprint, organizing the development of content, etc.

The work of my dad in the media industry inspires me the most.

 There a lot of examples that I found interesting but the most interesting one would be organizing a huge marathon to promote faith and having it to be successful on a massive scale. Another example would be organizing a live concert with Don Moen, Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc, which was another big scale event. I don’t have a link of the events but here is the link to the TV channel website that my dad runs. www.aradanatv.com

 Few of the most impressive factors about his work would be the professionalism, the development of new content from day to day, creativity, marketing not only physically and digitally but also through social media.




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