Professional Inventory

  1. I don’t have any work experience whatsoever but I have volunteered in heaps of studio recordings for a TV station back home in India. I have also volunteered in a live baseball telecast a couple of times back in Dallas. I have also supervised a lot of postproduction for raw television content.
  2. My technical expertise isn’t that professional yet but I am well verse with software’s like Adobe Photoshop (Cs6), iMovie, Garage band, Keynote and MS office. My hardware skills would be photography, audio and visual recording, writing and public speaking.
  3. Most of what I possess is what I learnt in Full Sail in the past few months. I have developed exceptional researching techniques and skills using different tools such as diigo, EBSCO host and Google scholar. I have also learnt iMovie, Garage Band, Keynote, Prezi, Tiki-Toki and the entire Google drive including Google sites. I have also developed my photography skill since I got to meet with a lot of talented photographers here on campus.
  4. Based on what I discovered in my industry skillset analysis last week, I think that I need to seriously work on my software skills as well as my analysis methods. I also need to start networking a whole lot more as well as manage my time where I can learn and master new programs.
  5. We have been mentioning in pretty much every assignment of ours about how MCBS is a vast course with so many opportunities so I don’t think that the course would miss addressing any skills that would be required for us. But however, there could be a possibility. If MCBS misses addressing certain aspects such as developing management skills, necessary software skills and time management, I would definitely use firstly, and secondly, take advantage of the entire Google Drive such as Docs, Sites, Scholar, etc. Full Sail has developed and molded me into a self-learner, which has been helping me a lot lately. 

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