Portfolio Project Brainstorming

YouTube channel for cover songs – Creating a YouTube channel focusing on cover songs and in future, well produced videos. YouTube is a wide spread network which is a great online platform to display talent. I plan on using quality recording for the cover songs and initially it will just be a standard video of two guys playing their instruments. Once we create a handful of videos and are fairly known among YouTube users, we will start producing some quality music videos. That’s the idea as of now.

 Photography website – a website which would be created now but would not be public until I get my photography portfolio completed. I plan on capturing a lot of electric dance music festivals, wedding shoots, portraits, wildlife, parties and miscellaneous events. I have not yet mastered the skill of photography but I have viewed a handful of online classes and also figured most of it by myself. To me, photography, just like any other skill, should be practiced and exercised. I always look for opportunities to grab my camera out and capture wonderful moments.

Content to be telecasted on a TV channel: I plan on creating either music videos, motivational speech videos or a specific topic related interviews/documentary. I haven’t really thought about which one to do or what topic to choose. I hope to work on it soon as I am researching topics and ideas to use for this little project I’m planning.






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