AET Wk1: Exploration

1. Visceral Design: 

The Axe anarchy advertisement possesses a very common advertisement strategy where it uses sex appeal to instantly attract a viewer. The advertisements digital imagery is interesting as there are two same characteristics in all their pictures which is one of an employee and one of a customer. 

2. Behavioral Design:

The advertisement depicts a crystal clear description of what the product is going to look like as well as the flavor. It also has a very assuring and confident caption. The main reason that i think that this is a behavioral design of advertising is because the ad has ‘qualities’ of the product.

2. Reflective Design:

The advertisement might not seem as relevant to the type of design I categorized it under but to me it seemed very reflective of characteristic that children need to be guided and not left alone around construction areas or hazardous equipment of that sorts. 





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