Wk 1 Project: My MCBS Story

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.06.09 PM

Before I started the MCBS program I was studying my bachelors in broadcast communications in Dallas, TX for around 7 months. I applied to Dallas when I graduated high school in India two years ago. Dallas didn’t seem right for me because I found it really boring without my course related classes. When I grew interest in the field of media, the first aspect that I found interesting and insightful was the technical aspect. That is when I began playing around with professional video cameras and soundboards and also developed a strong hobby in photography. But then my Dad back in India established a Television station, which turned out to be a great success. He proved to be a role model for me right when I was confused with what career to choose. Because of that I started observing my dads success and what he did to get to that stage in his career. He used a plethora of tactics, plans and ideologies to elevate the viewership and content of the T.V station. Because of that I was fascinated by the impact of management, content developing, strategizing and producing it took to run a legitimate 24/7 T.V station. I suddenly wanted to learn everything there is to perform all those tasks successfully and get to the top ranks in the industry. Because of that I decided to take up a course, which would equip me with all the above skills respectively. Media Communications turned out to be a very broad and interesting course. The classes enlisted on the website are very appropriate and essential to be successful in the industry. Until finally I decided to study in the United States because the level of exposure towards the industry is of great quality. Also because all the major well-established and popular industries are in existence here and therefore it would prove to be a great foundational platform for my career. The communications industry is immensely talented here and the degrees of education are world widely accepted. And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media I landed in Full Sail, which is pretty much, my ticket to the big league. I hope to take in as much as I can and make my mark in the industry soon.

I have read Juliana’s and Donavan’s blog story and they both instantly inspire me because it persuades me to be as good as them and work with them. Donavan’s story impacted me like a beacon of inspiration that he wants to be successful not only for himself but also his future family. His talent in creating content using the Adobe suite programs as well as a few others always inspires me to learn new programs and practice the ones I already know. Juliana’s story is a great source of inspiration and is something I admire her for. Her experience in the industry would have easily taken her to higher positions and more success but she chose to get back to school and learn something that she loves and something that would help her explore her creative side and get involved with it.


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