Wk1 Analysis: Businesses & Blogs

The three blogs aren’t really alike when you compare and contrast them. This is because they are talking about completely different things and have completely different motives.

The Science World and Dollar Shave Club blogs are not so similar to each other but they do have a certain pattern of pictures, which involves humor.  These two blogs are different from the Full Sail blog because they are simple and to the point. Don’t get me wrong though, Full Sail is simple too but it is more advanced and contains more information in the same space compared to the three blogs.

The Dollar Shave Club and Full Sail blogs are pretty similar to each other motive wise. If you noticed carefully, the Dollar Shave Club blog only talks about how good their product is rather than talking about the company which would obviously seem irrelevant to a few viewers as they like their ads to be to the point. Full Sail’s blog shares the same aspect, as it doesn’t talk about the university a lot. The main thing that they cover on the blog is the achievements of graduating or current students, in the industry. This is a great advertising strategy as the potential students would be fascinated with the work that the students here are trained to do. It would also appeal to the general audience by showing them the capability of the students educated here. These are different from science world because science world is not trying to attract anyone or sell any product. It is just trying to notify people about the interesting facts about nature, science and mankind.

The Science World and Full Sail blogs are similar to each other because they are very well organized and are to the point. Also, compared to the Dollar Shave Club blog, these two blogs are on a more serious and professional note.

The Science World blog is unique because it is does not rub its information in anyone’s face. It is a very simple and organized blog, which provides some valuable information about nothing but what goes around you in your daily life.

The Full Sail blog is unique in its own way. I would first like to point out their well-planned structure of the blog, which they manage to organize in a professional way. The blog also reveals all its writers who are staff and non-staff and allows you to know more about them and read into their works. The blog has a very appealing strategy, which instantly attracted me in the beginning. The target audience that it is pin pointing will surely be attracted to the blog because it shows the capability of the students and the famous positions that they are in thanks to Full Sail’s quality education.

The Dollar Shave Club blog is unique because it has a great touch of humor to its blogs. Also they tend to reach their audience more through visual humor and information rather than just plain old written material.





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