Wk1 Practice: Start a blog & Tell a story

Before I started the MCBS program I was studying my bachelors in broadcast communications in Dallas, TX for around 7 months.

I had always thought I wanted to get into the technical side of the industry….

But then my Dad back in India established a Television station, which turned out to be a great success.

Because of that I started observing my dads success and what he did to get to that stage in his career.

Because of that I was fascinated by the impact of management, content developing, strategizing and producing it took to run a legitimate 24/7 T.V station.

Because of that I decided to take up a course, which would equip me with all the above skills respectively.

Until finally I decided to study in the United States because the level of exposure towards the industry is of great quality. Also because all the major well-established and popular industries are in existence here and therefore it would prove to be a great foundational platform for my career.

And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media I landed in Full Sail, which is pretty much, my ticket to the big league. I hope to take in as much as I can and make my mark in the industry soon.





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