Wk2 Analysis: Businesses & The Visual Web

Full Sail has a wide variety of visual content, which is portrayed on Pinterest. Content such as famous boards which Full Sail follows, Pins, and Likes, Followers and Following tabs, and recent pins from the people mentioned on the top right side of the page.

The content supports the Full Sail brand because most of it has something or everything to do with Full Sail. For example: Boards such as, Doing big things, student work and fashionably Full Sail help viewers know more about the outcomes of Full Sail products (students) as well as the immense talent of professionals in the making.

In this medium Full Sail engages with its audience by attracting them with interesting boards, which would instantly motivate the viewer into knowing more about this techy and trendy university. Full Sail also uses this medium so that people can follow them and be notified and updated about the latest news and installations at Full Sail.

As everyone knows, Instagram can be used only to post pictures and short videos. The Dollar Shave Club’s Instagram profile has content, which is similar to the Club’s social networking pages as well as their blog. In other words, their main strategy is to attract people with a good sense of humor, which most people relate to.

The content directly supports the Dollar Shave Club because there are pictures of humorous advertisements, sentences and participating customers, which are usually posted onto their profile on a regular basis.

Dollar Shave Club has a few ways to engage with their audience. In my perspective of the Dollar Shave Club, Instagram proves to be a wee bit more interactive in comparison to the other social networks. I say this because, on the Club’s Instagram profile, they encourage their customers to tag them in pictures related to their product of their company. Then they selectively pick out random pictures and post them occasionally or when they let their customers know. This is a common strategy, which most companies on Instagram use.

The Facebook page of Science world gives specific importance to good causes such as helping the children in need on black Friday and supporting kids in school to become scientists and innovators. The visual content of the page more into posting about their latest events rather their original content.

The content definitely supports the Science world brand because the charity works are all being organized by the brand itself and the events and showcases are all Science world works. This page showcases the work that Science world does in making this world a better place as well as being very informative and knowledgeable in doing so.

Science world engages with their audience by portraying their accomplishments with their current regular audience through which more people are interested and eventually willing to participate in donating, volunteering or collaborating. 


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