Wk3 Practice: Team Organization

Team name: Tech Blast 

Rocki Script:

 Have you ever wanted to bring back to life your old boom box or stereo, but don’t want to spend the money to replace your current old system?

 (Video) show old beat up speaker next to the trash

(Music) slow blues song – depressing tone

 Don’t invest in expensive Bluetooth wireless systems. (INTRODUCE PRODUCT HERE) Rocki is the key to bringing your once frowned upon old speakers back to life.


(Video) Shots of beat up speakers plugged into ROCKI and on Wi-Fi

Show* model of the Rocki device and simulate plugged in and being used over Wi-Fi, restoring any old system.

(Music) faster more upbeat version of the song


Rocki is a one of a kind product, designed for the people. We wanted to change the way people listen to music. We embrace the essence of expressing yourself through your music. Take your music with you anywhere/play it anywhere. Let it be heard.

 (Voice-Over) Breathe life back into your old speakers. What our product does is convert any pre existing speakers into Wi-Fi enabled so you can play music on your smart-phone wirelessly through an audio, HDMI, or optical input. With your preexisting wireless network setup in your home, job, school, gym, Rocki is compatible with any set of speakers. All that you need is Wi-Fi, and your smart-phone, and Rocki does the rest.


“Build your future with the best parts from your past” 


My individual role in this project is, Photographer/Media Producer and helping with the directing as well as the research. 



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