Wk3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

Full Sail has a very detailed and descriptive video about its goal’s for its students and also its educational system. This video certainly has a targeted audience, which I’m assuming is potential students. The audiovisual media content that they used for this video is not just appropriate but interests a viewer instantly due to the way they spaced out all their information. This video mentions a few things like how they equip the students with the latest technology, preparing the students with deadlines and projects as if they were professionally working, providing a wide range of studios, mac labs and other media equipment, and basically creating an environment which would help the student be ready for the professional industry when he/she graduates. All these are recruiting strategies for potential students who would certainly be interested in the information shown in the video. Full Sail’s has a great way of publicizing itself and this video is a perfect example.

 Dollar Shave commercials are known for their humor, just like this one. In this commercial, the product that they were selling is butt wipes, which is unlike any of their previous commercials (based on product). The audiovisual media content was really good considering that their target audience is mostly men (butt wipes for men). A man could most certainly relate to the content in the video, as the visuals seem to be created and crafted around an idea, which shouts out humor for men. I don’t see how women could relate to this video or even watch the entire thing for that matter of fact. The product is a more evolved version of something old (butt wipes vs. toilet paper). The commercial concept is somewhat similar to the PooPourri commercial as they both target a particular gender. However, I have noticed that the Dollar Shave Club always emphasizes on its products price and makes sure that they convince the viewer that it is a reasonable deal. I think that this is a great strategy as their prices aren’t high as well. In my opinion, Dollar Shave once again did a good job in advertising the product specifically and also adding a lot of humor to it.

 Science World might have just dragged this video a little too long but I think that it is a great video based on their motive and concept. However, I think that they could have definitely done a better work on the videography. The video has a very happy and excited touch to it and the music did a good job is creating the mood. I liked how the video had most of the age groups involved in it, doing their lip dubbing. The video also seemed to be a mini visual tour of the museum. Usually people look at museums as a very boring place but science world changed that perspective through this video. I think that all these factors would invite patrons to their museum. The video was not necessarily targeting a particular group of audience but in my opinion, it was a fun way of taking a mini visual museum tour. Another interesting factor that I noticed is the two songs that played during the video. The first song that played during the first half of the video is ‘‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’’ which is a very old classic song, released in 1974. The second song that played during the second half of the video is ‘’Takin’ Care of Business’’ which is yet another old classic, released in 1973. The main motive of playing both these songs is to create a nostalgic feeling in the viewers (targeting patrons). I think that this is a great strategy, which would interest a patron in not only viewing the entire video but also providing valuable feedback and eventually visiting the museum. Thus, their strategy would prove to be effective. 


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