The programs used to edit the video were “cute cut” which is an editor setup similar to those you would find on a laptop or other personal computer. It allowed for reasonably easy editing after you learned to touch clips the right way when adjusting their placement. After rendering a video with “cute cut” we used “YouTube capture” to add music to the video since it had a wider variety of songs to choose from.

My role in the team was photography/media contributor
I contributed images, ideas and app info.
This may sound cliché but it surprised me that the phone could actually create and produce videos with apps ranging from beginner levels to pros.
I am most proud of my group’s communication as we were spot on, to the point, consistent, shared and executed all our ideas in an organized manner.
Doing everything with the phone was indeed a challenge at first because everyone is used to creating assignment media on their laptops and everyone had great ideas but was limited because we had to use only our phones. So I think that this assignment helped us discover, explore and exploit our phones resources. In future if I had to create something really fast and did not have any software’s or laptops to work with, all I need is my phone (Thanks to this assignment).


Wk3 Challenge: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices

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