Reflect: I’d like to start of by saying that you did an exceptional job on the project. I liked how your story had a transition, which wasn’t boring or distracting but gripping my attention. The music is what got to me, it created a very curious effect on me as a viewer and the way it picked up in between the video when you’re transition to full sail begins is just perfect timing. I also liked how all your pictures were properly aligned and not mixed up. Everything you said matched with the media you showed in the video.

Inquire: I would like to know if you used stock images. I would also like to know what program you used to produce the video.

Suggest: You might consider substituting a few pictures with pictures of yourself. I noticed that there was only one picture of you, shown twice and then a picture with friends. As a viewer, since it is your own personal story, I would’ve liked to see a little more of you exploring Florida and full sail.

Elevate: I can see a spectacular visual biography in its initial stages here. If you could polish it, add a little video content, create an even better transitioning story line with all your current and future accomplishments, it would be a great piece of biography to incorporate in your portfolio/website/blog/Facebook page.


Wk4: Reflection – RISE Peer feedback

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