Wk4: Reflection – RISE Peer Review (AET)

RISE for Martine St. Hilaire

Reflect: I’d like to start of by saying that I really like the way you incorporated all the designs from the previous projects into this one project. It shows how much you’ve evolved and are taking in what the class in offering. I also like the way you created a point on emphasis and focus by allowing the girl’s jacket to stay purple.

Inquire: I would like to know if you colored the girl’s life jacket with purple or did you de-saturate the picture and use a gradient tool to rub that area off. I would also like to know about your idea of your text ‘‘make a splash at…”

Suggest: I would’ve liked to see you keep the color of the whole picture and mess around with it to create a good, vibrant and saturated image with a lot of life and excitement to it. To me, the advertisement was good and simple. I can tell by the text and content that the tessa campgrounds is a great place with a lot of fun activities to do. I would try to incorporate that same excitement and fun, visually through the colors of the image. I would’ve also been even more interested and excited if I saw a more prominent and summer season kind of font. I would also suggest a more welcoming phrase.

Elevate: I think that if you polish and work more on the details of this ad, it could be used for your future portfolio or even to promote that venue. Personally, I really like black and white pictures but when your trying to promote a place of activity and fun, I suggest adding an aspect of color as it has a major role in attracting a viewer.


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