Wk4 Reflection: RISE self-evaluation (NMT)

Reflect: My attitude, logic and behavior were effective in influencing my projects as I have learned how to work accordingly on peer feedback and create media content with the least of resources as well as with just a mobile device.

Inquire: As I started working on my projects, I realized I wanted to know more about incorporating intriguing stories into my media and making it more appealing and effective. The best resource that worked for me was the feedback from my classmates. I also viewed and observed the concepts of commercials that don’t even mention their product until the end. The story is what grips people.

 Suggest: If I had more time, I would have definitely worked on converting most of my videos from presentation type intro and end to something more applicable. I would have also helped gather more content for our last project.

 Elevate: This type of practice and exposure with constantly writing, editing, communicating, collaborating and executing all those practices, will help me immensely in my future career. NMT is a great class and I’m glad I got to learn so much in such less time. 


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