Transmedia Fairy Tale Story Element Map

I picked the ‘’Little Red Riding Hood” story for my assignment. My main motive was to create the transmedia aspect for this story, using the three prominent characters. They are, Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf and Grandma. For red riding hood, I was thinking about creating an Instagram profile, which has pictures of her taking selfies, strolling in the woods and her life basically as a kid. I was also thinking about having a little self-defense course pertaining to red riding hood. This self-defense course is mainly targeted towards little kids who can save themselves from situations similar to that which red riding hood was in. It would not be that realistic, as I have no intention in teaching kids how to fight. It will just be something, which creates awareness to the dangers out there and teach the kids, basic yet minimal self-defense. I will also be using red themed goodie bags consisting of red riding hood’s costume, red candy and red fruits.


For the big bad wolf, I was thinking of creating a “running shoes” line. Considering how fast the wolf is and its agility, I was thinking of coming up with some cool kicks for kids who’d think of running as fast as the wolf. I was also thinking of having a “Bad Wolf Music Video”. This would be short and somewhat of a hip-hop/parody mix. I will also be using a hash tag for the wolf’s character. #BigBadWolf is not just a general hash tag; it could be used to tag any activity pertaining to the story or the nature of the wolf in general. There are two aspects of this hash tag. One, it can be used to tag someone or something that an individual considers, “not fair” or “bad”. Two, it can be used to tag any adventurous activity or any sort of big accomplishment. The reason that I came up with these two hash tag concepts is because, according to the younger generation, #BigBadWolf could mean something cool or something “badass” and according to the older generation, it interprets as the literal meaning. Therefore I think that I could grab the attention of both sides of the audience with this option. 

For the grandma, I was thinking of coming up with an amusing clothing line.




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