GTS Wk1 Analysis: Nailing Down Transmedia

Difference between Crossmedia and Transmedia:

 Crossmedia and Transmedia in my opinion are very similar to each other. My basic understanding of crossmedia is spreading a single message across multiple platforms with a specific goal of providing an audience a certain pre-defined experience. Whereas a transmedia campaign would have content spread across multiple platforms, which can be consumed by the audience in a synchronized or separate fashion. Audience members would have their own personal experience just because of the fact that each platform offers an experience by itself.  I think that planning for each of these variations and controlling how the audience travels from one platform to another is the key to making a successful transmedia campaign.


Crossmedia Campaign:

 In 2012, Absolut launched their “Absolut Unique” campaign in which their machines were reconfigured from having ever glass bottle produced was exactly the same to have each one was uniquely different. They added splash guns and color-generating machines and developed an algorithm to eventually create 4 million “Unique” bottles. They also launched a campaign called “Absolut Originality” where the consumers happen to be the creator of the bottles and not the machines. After a very inventive experience, Absolut was permitted to virtually add a drop of cobalt blue into the hot glass as it was forming Absolut’s’ signature bottle. This would create what they were calling “a one-of-a-kind piece of art”. Each individual’s bottle would be numbered and applied to you amongst the 4 million that will be manufactured. I really liked how the vodka brand came up with this unique and well-planned campaign. They not only used the cross media technique but also used one of the latest technologies for marketing, which is the NFC.


Transmedia Campaign/ARG

 This transmedia campaign was a huge success for its Why So Serious? ARG. The purpose of this ARG was to promote The Dark Knight, which was soon to be released. It possessed all the elements of a good transmedia campaign. It had a compelling story, games, clues, fan participation, the use of multiple digital platforms and even events, such as the one organized for the fans at Comic Con. I think that this was a great transmedia story as well as ARG because of the way it created deeper relationships with the fans. It was a very entertaining ARG, which had all the participants engrossed in “Gotham City” and, on their toes and excited for every clue. The transmedia aspect supported the entire ARG and made it successful through the help of multiple platforms.


Brief update on this weeks project:

 I am still brainstorming different ways to connect all my transmedia elements so that I have a certain flow of elements. I was thinking of a few new additions such as a Facebook page for the wolf and a blog/vlog for grandma. The Facebook page for the wolf would get him in trouble because he does stupid things like check-in’s on Facebook wherever he goes. Grandma’s blog/vlog will be updating the story and complaining about things like how careless red riding hood is (talking to strangers) and how much more careless her mother is, for sending her alone into the woods. I hope to come up with better ways of enhancing my story’s elements and connecting them together in synchronization. 


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