MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Video Portrait

Star Rating Sought: 1 or 2 star

Project Description: 

This project submission is a video portrait of myself, which was planned, created and executed by me. The main motive of this video was to create a video portrait, which not only communicates my story as an individual but also, my video and audio production skills. 

Link to Deliverable:

Feedback Received: 

The feedback that I received on the video was to record and incorporate more footage. There were a handful of audio errors and video transitions that I revised. I also tweaked the script a little bit, as well as the initial part of the video. 

Resources Utilized: 

Hardware: MacBook, Yeti Microphone, Nikon DSLR, Tripod

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Logic Pro X

Team Members: Justin (My roommate who helped me record the footage) 



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