Transmedia Short Story Element Map

IMAG0974My story starts off with a man who was once a good person and an animal lover, and he married a wife of a similar disposition, but he turned into a drunk and began to abuse his wife, his pets, and particularly his cat named Pluto. He finally hangs the cat, which coincides with the burning down of his house and the resulting loss of his property, but after some months he adopts a similar cat, which differs from Pluto only in the patch of fur on its chest. He comes to hate the cat, and when he finally attacks it, his wife gets in the way, and he kills her instead, hiding the body behind a wall. However, he accidentally walls up the cat as well, when the police come to investigate, the cat cries out and reveals the corpse’s hiding place. I will be starting off my transmedia aspect by creating an Instagram page for the husband, which will have pictures of him with different pets but particularly his cat Pluto. He will also have obsessive drinking pictures, which will indirectly tell the viewers that he is turning into a drunk. His wife is hopeless so she writes up a blog about whatever her husband is turning into and the current events. Pluto, the black cat who is killed by the husband, will have a R.I.P Facebook page, which attracts the animal cruelty rage of online users. The new adopted cat will have its own blog, which will talk about how depressing it is to live in that house, the drunk husband, black cat superstitions and the way the husband obnoxiously killed his wife and gets caught. In addition to the accounts, I will also have either footage or audio of the husband getting drunk and yelling at home. I was contemplating on creating a Facebook page for animal lovers and threading that to the other accounts.


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