GTS WK2 Analysis: Why Create Transmedia

I first assumed the terms “East Coast” and “West Coast” transmedia, had something to do with the geographical aspect. Nevertheless, after a good amount of research, I realized that the difference lies in the ways they engage their audience. The east coast transmedia happens to be utilizing more interactive and digital methods as well as platforms. Whereas, the west coast transmedia is more franchise and business oriented. The east coast transmedia has more of an indie film aesthetic and has more emphasis on interaction and the smaller details of the story. Platforms such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mails and blogs are mostly used in the east coast transmedia storytelling. In the west coast, it is considered as Hollywood style transmedia. Most of the transmedia campaigns are commercial or big business transmedia, which are big pieces of the main story. Indiana Jones is a good example of west coast transmedia, where they have a movie, a TV show and a book. All those elements come under one story, but they are unique by themselves as well. The TV show, “How I Met Your Mother” is a good example of east coast transmedia because of the way they use their elements, being pieces adding on to form the bigger picture unlike the west coast transmedia.  For example, the character that Neil Patrick Harris plays has actual books that you can buy in stores, which in turn acts as supporting pillar to the main story.

Based on the research I did, I came to the conclusion that Andrea Phillips, in her book, was the one who came up with the terms east coast and west coast transmedia

 Chipotle’s scarecrow ad was a great storytelling commercial, which conveyed its message successfully. To increase the effectiveness of their brand message, they started a game app to allow interaction with the story. This was to further educate and build awareness about the negative implications of industrialized farming. In a way, the viral scarecrow ad acted like a mini teaser for the game app. I think that this comes under transmedia marketing; just because of the way they made their message prominent. They were not just marketing their brand; they were mainly marketing their message. The message was probably engraved in peoples mind after the different yet successful means of delivery from chipotle.

 The Game of Thrones transmedia campaign brought the world of Westeros to life through a series of interactive experiences based around the 5 senses. Their campaign was a huge success based on the response it got from the viewers. In context of the book and the story, they tried to make the elements of this campaign seem as realistic as it was in the shows. For example, they had different scents and smells from the actual world of Westeros, which led them to virtual world locations. In my opinion, I think that it was both marketing and art for art’s sake. Firstly, I consider it marketing because of the way the campaign engages the fan/viewer to continue or begin to watch the show because of all the interesting perspectives, which is brought forth by the 5 senses. Secondly, I consider it art for art’s sake because of the specific elements they used for the 5 senses. They brought the fantasy world to life by providing their fans and viewers with such realistic material in context of the world of Westeros. If I were a big fan of the show, I could only imagine how excited I would be at the sight of those elements.

For the week’s mid-challenge-check-in, I narrowed down my story and changed a few parts by brainstorming. I am working on the threading and creation of my elements. I am still making a few tweaks in the timeline that I allotted myself. 


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