The Rabbit Hole

It was very interesting to play around with the different means of hiding clues. I was able to read and understand the different types of codes and clue concealment techniques. However, I was able to utilize only 3 different types of concealment techniques because I wasn’t able to use or tweak the other methods to my advantage. I first used a website I created as a rabbit hole for my mini-hunt. I then incorporated the QR code and decipher walkthrough techniques. I used the QR code to redirect my audience to my blog, where I have another clue waiting in a post called “Clue no.2”. The post has a QR code, which leads my audience to my Facebook profile. The post also has a Morse code encrypted right below the QR code. This Morse code, once de-coded will reveal my Instagram username. In my rabbit hole website, I used the decipher walkthrough technique by using the wingding font for my audience to decode. I mainly used different social media platforms to make my online presence prominent to my audience. Altogether, I used 3 different coding techniques, which I know is below the requirement. I had trouble understanding the use and the functionality of the other techniques. I feel like I could use the techniques that I used today, in my story by enhancing my threading process and connecting all my elements together. I could obviously use it to hide certain information as well but for now, I plan on using it for something not so complicated. 



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