Wk1 Exploration: Web Basics

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 7.58.02 PM

My initial reaction to the content of this lesson was slightly intimidating, as the different coding languages seemed to be overwhelming. Once I proceeded further into the video, I realized how simple the coding languages turned out to be. I tried out some basic HTML coding, which was shown in the initial part of the video. I envision utilizing most of my resources and knowledge that I learn this month, in creating aesthetic designs, layouts and improving functionality of web sites. I also plan on using the little coding knowledge that I acquire this month in creating experimental websites for my own use.

 My first point of interest was the different coding languages and how much of a user-friendly experience it turned out to be using them. My second point of interest was the typical web design workflow segment. It was interesting to see how much a good and well-prepared workflow mattered. I find it very important to have a set of flexible goals for my final product, which would guide me through my creation process. My third point of interest is the importance of sketching. During this past week, I was helping a friend design a website for one of this personal projects. Once we started brainstorming and sketching down potential designs, the bigger picture started to become more clear and proximal. I find it a necessity to sketch and brainstorm different layouts and designs when it comes to initial planning.

 Yes, my approach to the ongoing web project has changed after this lesson as it has given me more things to work on and improve. This lesson has taught me a lot, of which I could potentially use in the creation, planning and execution of my ongoing project. Things like improving my workflow and using sketching in my planning process will most certainly help me in the betterment of my project.



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