Wk1 Practice: Mission Statement & Target Audience

Mission Statement: For all the dog owners, lovers and enthusiasts, this site will turn out to be your new best friend. Need us to take care of your dogs while you are away? or maybe a great grooming session would spark your furry friends day? This site will have a great visual appeal with happy dog pictures and user friendly functionality. 

Target Audience Characteristics: Dog lovers, owners, enthusiasts, social media immigrants, travelers, local public, competitors, middle-age, elderly dog lovers, cannot afford to travel with the dog, employees, hard working, pampered dogs, family vacations, grooming enthusiasts, good income 

Target Audience Profile: The audience consists of mostly people with pet dogs who are looking for a place to groom or board their pets. If they are using the boarding facilities for their dogs, they are most likely going on a vacation, a holiday or a work trip. If they are using the grooming facilities, they are most likely living around the facility in the surrounding areas. They certainly love their dogs enough to treat them like their own child. The dogs who visit often should most likely be pampered a lot. I see the grooming options being more appealing to the dogs who have female owners as they tend to provide their dogs with that luxury more than men do. 

Ideal Visitor Description: The ideal visitor to the perro mi perro grooming & boarding is a mid 20’s – mid 30’s individual who travels occasionally, lives around an approximate 30 mile radius from the facility and is a regular grooming service customer. Needless to say that the individual loves their pet. 


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