Wk1 Project: Proposal & Wireframe

Perro Mi Perro Wireframe  (the pages are in the same order as the tabs. Home, Grooming, Boarding, Amenities, Contact, About.)


Videos and images of the facility and its landscape need to be gathered to show the online audience what it looks like. Images of groomed dogs, dogs in the boarding facility and dogs playing in the yard need to be gathered. Images of the staff and/with their pets need to be gathered.

Need access to the boarding application packet so that it can be available to the online audience. Also, need availability of document submission capabilities. This is to ensure that the medical documents of the pets can be sent through the website. Besides the above information, my client provided the rest of the details to me.



 It is based on my client’s decision as to whether if she is comfortable using stock images or she’d rather have original content adding to the authenticity of her site.

The first option to solving this is proceeding with the stock images option and also using the standard dog pictures that my client provided to me. The second option is utilizing my additional services as a web designer, which comprises of photography and video production to create high-quality professional content for the web site.

I will need to link in a payment option for the 5$ non-refundable fee, which is charged for filling/submitting the boarding application packet. I will also need to embed the form into the webpage for easy access and filling of the form. Based on my client’s opinion, I will provide multiple options of submission of documents, which will either be “send by email” or “document submission link”



There will be charges for acquiring a domain name (if one is not secured yet). There will also be set charges for the production of the original content by me (if and when I receive my clients approval). Needless to say the cost of the layout, aesthetics and design aspect will fall under the web design fee. There will also be SEO charges, which will depend on the payment package that my client chooses. These payment packages will range depending on duration, size and cost. Additional merchant payment charges may be included to acquire features, which enable the online user to pay for the boarding application.


Time line:

 Based on my calculated analysis of all the planning, creation and execution processes that need to be completed, including the production, I would quote a 2-week duration for the completion of this project. I say this because I would like to have an entire week solely for the purpose of production and gathering as much content as required for the visual appeal of the website. The end of the first week will be the beginning of the web site building process, where I will create a wireframe and a storyboard and start gathering all the media together.


Next Steps:

A complete list of the production content to be captured will be the next step. Once the list is ready, I will gather my resources and go to venue to complete the production. From then on, depending on the completion of the production, I will start building the website.


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