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What happens when a dog gets sick or something happens to them?

There is immediate first-aid offered at the facility for any medical emergency. Based upon the seriousness of the medical issue, appropriate care will be provided. There is also a veterinarian who is on our emergency speed dial and will be at our facility whenever called for.


What do you do if two dogs get into a physical fight?

The dogs will initially go through a screening process to meet the requirements of the facility. The requirements are mentioned on the site for the online viewers information. All this will be done on the first day of the pet’s arrival, which is orientation day. Besides the screening process, there will be on facility supervisors to make sure that the dogs maintain good conduct.


What do you do when a dog goes missing?

As far as our facility’s security, we have one of the best in our area. We have cameras monitoring every part of the facility as well as high walled boundaries. The boarding area of the facility is sealed off.


What happens if there is a flea outbreak at your facility?

We have the necessary precautions and measures noted down for times such as flea outbreaks. Our staff is well trained in handling situations such as that. We will clean and disinfect each dog individually and make sure that every pet is treated. Nevertheless, there is a rare possibility of that happening in our facility due to our screening process and clean facility.


What if there is an emergency in your facility? What happens to the pets?

Depending the scale of the emergency, the pet’s owners will be notified. The pets will be taken to our safe house, which is within the facility.


How far in advance do I need to make my appointment?

An appointment for the grooming service can be made anytime. Whereas reservations for the boarding service can be made only if there is room available. Reservations are processed only after completion of the boarding application, which is provided on the company’s website. Once the application is submitted, the reservation will be complete.


Do you offer obedience training?

We do not offer obedience training. Our facility is focused on boarding and grooming, therefore we do not provide training services.


Is there anybody I can contact after office hours?

Yes, there will always be a receptionist at the office because of our boarding service. The receptionist will be able to take calls 24/7 and provide the necessary information. Emails could also be sent.


Is there anyway I can see what the facility looks like?

Yes, our site has a specific page to list out the amenities in the facility. There are pictures of the facility as well as a video showing the infrastructure.


Can I know who the groomers are and what services they offer?

Yes, our site makes sure to mention all the specified services, which fall under grooming such as nail clipping, shower, powdering, etc. The groomers are mentioned in the about page and their experience/qualifications are mentioned as well.


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