Wk2 Project: Soft Launch

Perro Mi Perro – Official Website

I was able to meet most of the provisions outlined in my proposal. Yes, there was a part of my proposal, which I could not deliver and that was the embedding of the boarding application. Although my client did not provide me with the application, I wanted to create one by myself to improve my sites authenticity. The most challenging part of the process was aligning all my content together and carefully moving them around. This was slightly difficult for me as it was the first time I ever created a full-fledged website. Picking a relevant and appropriate color palette was as challenging as aligning the content. I would like to go deeper in the anchoring features that wix.com had to offer. I noticed the feature right when I finished my work and I was regretting not using it in my website. However, I was thinking about incorporating it in my next web-development project. It would certainly improve the connection and flow of the content.



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