Wk3 Exploration: Digging Deeper


I chose this particular article/video presentation because I wanted to know more about what goes into creating a mood board from scratch and not just creating one with your client provided assets.

I learnt that finding out keywords is a good place to start. From there on a theme can be created in relevance to the keywords. There are also brand traits and layout ideas, from which mood boards are created or expanded.

Yes, I can most certainly apply the insight gained to my public-facing portfolio site because this article helped me understand the different ways I can come up with a professional mood board for my site. Now, I can get started by looking for keywords and appropriate themes.




I chose this particular article because I wanted to learn more about what usability is and how to improve it.

I learnt that having different individuals test the site and provide their feedback is a very important step. They could be individuals who could possibly be the target audience or just individuals who could provide quality feedback. Checking the competitor’s sites usability and taking that to ones advantage is a key step as well.

Yes, I can most certainly apply the insight gained to the public-facing portfolio site because I think that I can improve my sites usability based on hints from this article. Good market research and testing should certainly get me there.




Although I constantly lean on the usage of original content, I think that there are some incredible stock resources out there on the web. I came to understand the need of stock when I realized that being a college student, I cant really capture every image I want or I think of because I may not be around that particular venue or maybe the picture I want doesn’t really meet the purpose of my design. However, I picked this article because I wanted to use these resources in places where my original content doesn’t fit in.

What I learnt from this is not just availability of quality stock images. Needless to say the article provided me with some great resources. The other thing I learnt from this is that I could use the ideas of those high-quality stock images and produce my own content whenever I possibly can. It could serve as a sort of inspiration resource whenever I need something visually appealing.

Yes, I can most certainly apply the insight gained to the public-facing portfolio site by the use of high-quality visuals, which will impact my viewer’s impression in a pleasing way. I will most likely provide a mix of original content (mostly) and stock to create a visually enlightening experience for my online audience.


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