Wk3 Project: Portfolio Skeleton



Yes, I do feel confident in my understanding of the MCBS public-facing portfolio requirement. 
I have incorporated most of what I submitted as my portfolio projects. They helped in my contributions by adding on to my portfolio. 
The visual aspects of this skeleton site is something I consider a strong point because that is what I depend on most as a viewer. The content on the site is all original content including the background. I like a visually appealing site with professional reflections of the creators work. 
I feel like I need more work on creating a brand identity. I gathered up all my work in an organized manner and laid it on the site but I do not have a strong brand identity such as a logo or a stylish font. I feel like this creates a sense of credibility and professionalism for the viewer towards the designer. Therefore it is important. 
I am proud of what I created in the time that was give to me. I am proud of it because the final product looks similar to what I pictured it to be. I wanted it to set off a calming, visually appealing and professional tone and I think I might have nearly succeeded. 

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