Wk4 Reflection: RISE peer feedback

RISE peer feedback on Jodi Stout’s website: http://jodistout.wix.com/magdalena


Reflect: What struck about your site was the coherent layout of your content right above the fold, on the homepage. As an online viewer, I felt welcomed into your site with all the appealing visual content, use of contrast in the right place, color scheme and layout. Your website made me want to go back to my project and align my content in a more visually pleasing fashion.


Inquire: What were trying to highlight by the inconsistency in social media icons? I noticed that you had the Facebook and twitter icons in the left bar, on all pages. However, when I go to the contact page, there are plenty of other icons as well. I realized that having different icons in different places not just means that you are trying to provide contact info readily available. It could also mean that those icons were specifically placed there for a purpose, to maybe lead the audience towards something relevant to their brand. I assumed the latter but when I checked, the icons did not lead me anywhere, which then raised the question as to why the inconsistency in styling of the icons. Now as a viewer, that leaves me with another question as to why the Facebook and twitter icons were present on all pages and the others left out. What were you trying to communicate?


Suggest: Have you considered maybe covering up the empty space when you scroll down your homepage and a couple other pages too? Have you also considered adjusting the opacity of the images on the cupcake page? I say this because when you hover your cursor over those images, and the text appears; it is hard to read, as the text isn’t contrasting enough due to the hover effect. You might want to either increase the contrast of the text, or adjusting the hover color. You might also want to delete the “alt tags”, which appear when you hover your cursor over the high- resolution images (when directed to the specific cupcake information). You might also want to change the image on your “Kidtastic” page, as it does not match the description.


Elevate: Perhaps you could make some quality changes based on all the feedback you receive and turn this into a portfolio piece, showing your professional work. You could also create a project plan or maybe even a “pecha-kucha” and turn this fictional website into a real life pitch for a potential client. I enjoyed evaluating your high-quality work and I hope you keep creating such professional representations of yourself.


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