MCPP 4 Project Submission 2: You Should Know Webisode

Star Rating Sought: 2 star

Project Description: This is a web show created & edited by Clayson Richmond (MCBS program, Full Sail University). The mission of this show is to report current news in a satirical manner. Influences are Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Jon Stewart and SNL.

My role in this project was cinematographer. I recorded the show using my camera and also gave in creative suggestions and inputs during the duration of the show.

Link to Deliverable: You Should Know Ep 1

Feedback Received: The show received constructive criticism from our full sail peers as well as our instructors. Based on the feedback, we improved our on-set lighting, host personalities and fluidity of the script.

Resources Utilized: Nikon D5100 DSLR, Tripod, Spot light, 2 lamps, Reflector, Yeti microphone, Monitor to read script, over head lights and macbook.


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