Week 1 Project: Business Plan Part – 1


Company Description: ‘Sonder productions’ will be known for their exceptional video production services alongside other media related services such as, conceptualizing, script writing, filming, editing, location services, photography and final product edit/delivery.


Our mission is to use our industry skill-set to create high-quality imagery. We aim to develop game changing content by providing our clients with strategic video solutions appropriate for their respective audience.


Content Development Services: Conceptualization and Script Writing.

Video Production Services: Commercials, short films, music videos, video portraits, documentaries and web shows.

Photography Services: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family photo-shoots, Company profiling imagery and Album art.

Product: Sonder Magazine


Recruitments for potential job positions have already begun. This production house has been established not too long ago therefore the development process is fairly slow at the moment. We are focused on gathering up a crew, who fit our mission and vision. Another sign of development is gaining passive revenue and exposure through the form of a publication. This publication will constantly be marketing our production company while simultaneously maintaining monthly themed content. The publication is an independent project. We do not offer publishing and distribution services as of now.


Sonder productions will soon be registered as a corporation in the state of Florida. The owner is Martin Paul and he is currently looking for an investor to fund his business proposition. The funding that he is looking for is $75,000 and this breaks down into hiring staff, equipment purchases and studio infrastructure. He is seeking to sell a 30% equity interest in exchange of requisite capital. He is also offering the investor a fair share of royalties generated by the company’s productions.

Operations: Sonder productions will operate from Newark, New Jersey from a well-equipped studio apartment, tailored to cultivate a professional atmosphere. The studio will consist of two green screen sets, one voice over room, one editing suite and one office room with a conference table.


Still Camera Bodies: Nikon D5100 and Nikon D750

Video Cameras: Canon XF 300

Lenses: 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor, 135mm f/2 DC, 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S, EF 70-300mm         f/2.8L Macro USM.

Microphones: Yeti condenser, Zoom H4N, Field cardioid, Shotgun and Boom.

Accessories: Tripod, Speedlite 580EX II, Pocket Slider by edelkrone, DSLR shoulder mount, SanDisk extreme pro CompactFlash and three point lighting kit.

Computers: Mac Book Pro 15 inch, 2 dual screen display iMac Desktop computers (for editing purposes).

Software: Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft.


As this is an initial attempt, I am going to begin with 1 editor, 2 camera operators, 1 make-up artist, 1 social media marketer, 2 content developers and 1 writer.


Justin Adeyeye, Script Writer: With over 4 years of script writing experience and a bachelors in Film Production from Full Sail University, Justin possesses a valuable skill-set in the form of writing to bring to the table. He has a strong passion for script writing and will be a valuable asset to the company. He will be analyzing raw ideas and stories, with intent to tailor it in the form of a script for a video production.

Social Media Marketer (To be selected): The main job of this individual is to instill interaction and hype for upcoming productions on various social media platforms. This individual will be responsible for analyzing the social media market and coming up with innovative and creative ways to promote finished productions or even the company itself.


Paul Dev, Managing Director, Aradana T.V: For the past 6 years Paul has invested his entire time into the development of his television station. He has previous experience in real estate, foreign trade and management solutions. He has been an extremely successful entrepreneur and businessman in that area of industry. He has nevertheless, used that skill to establish a successful media network. I think that he would be very resourceful in directing me in the right path in terms of setting up a studio and other production infrastructure.

Sunil Roberts, Tata Consultancy Services: Since the past 25 years, Sunil has been building technology brands in cluttered marketplaces. He did that by bridging business and communication for measurable impact. The places he worked in are India, Europe and United States. He believes that marketing communication is a unique fusion of art and commerce. He is also a leadership coach, motivational speaker and author. He has been mentoring me since a few years now and continues to mentor me in the context on content development. He is a man with great ideas and I will most likely be partnering with him in the near future to create high-end industry quality content.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.54.37 PM


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