Week 4 Reflection: Rise Peer Review

The Car Counsel Business Plan – Clayson Richmond


Your clean design was the first aspect of your business plan that appealed to me. I liked how you maintain the black and white color consistency in this business plan and all throughout your projects from previous months as well. The amount of detail you went into within the marketing description made me want to revisit my own project and specify my market area in terms of gender and age. Your financials sections made me want to revisit my plan and incorporate some kind of visuals to increase the appeal of it.


Is there any particular reason you have nikon.com and sennheiser.com as your references? I may be wrong but I was assuming you added those two links to support you seeking information about those products considering you’re initially handling things by yourself. I was prying on the citations because, if you were really looking for products to help you with either photography or sound, it’d be nice to read about it within the plan. I could also suggest appropriate gear if you were looking to invest in it.


Have you considered maybe choosing a different font or style for your main section headers (ones that are mentioned in the table of contents)? I say this because all the sub-section headers and the main section headers almost look alike (aside from a slight size difference). It makes it hard for the reader to distinguish between section headers and sub-section headers. Have you also considered specifying your key employees? I get that you are initially beginning it and you wouldn’t require that collaboration just yet, however, as a potential employer who would be looking at your business plan, it would be valuable to know the specifics of what kind of employees you are looking for.


I genuinely think that you have a solid foundation to begin with. I say this keeping in mind your blog, the publication and now the business plan. You already seem to know your area of expertise and it is certainly seen in your passion for the car counsel brand. Perhaps, with a few minor changes and the infographics, you could pitch this to a potential employer. I feel like if you have a strong elevator pitch and convey to your potential investor or employer about how passionate you are about this, you have good chance of success, also considering how specific your area of focus is. Also, this is a stellar addition to your portfolio.


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